Tips to Help Your Maintain Your Horse Blanket and Extend Its Lifespan

Tips to Help Your Maintain Your Horse Blanket and Extend Its Lifespan

For your horse’s blanket comfort, longevity, and usefulness, regular maintenance is necessary. A good blanket can shield your horse from the weather and also improve its general health. To assist you in maintaining the quality of your horse blanket, we have compiled some incredible tips. Let’s explore them.

  • Frequent cleaning

The accumulation of sweat, dirt, and mud on your horse’s blanket can cause discomfort and even skin problems. As directed by the manufacturer, clean the fleece horse blanket regularly. While some blankets may be washed by hand, some can be washed in a machine. To remove any soap residue, use a light detergent and rinse well.

  • Examine and fix hardware.

Look for any indications of wear or damage on the hardware, such as rings, buckles, and snaps. Quickly replace any broken or missing hardware. By doing this, you can make sure the blanket stays put firmly and lessen the chance that your horse may get hurt.

Check the blanket for any indications of fraying or loose threads by inspecting the seams and stitching. To stop further damage, quickly reinforce or fix any weak parts. High-stress places like the leg straps, chest fasteners, and surcingles should receive extra attention.

  • Consider using a blanket liner

Using a blanket liner can help reduce how often you need to wash the outer blanket. The outer layer can be kept clean and last longer by removing and washing the liners more frequently. Check if the liner will not rub against your horse’s blanket.

  • Follow storage guidelines for the off-Season.

Keep the horse fly sheets in a dry, well-ventilated space when not in use. The blanket may fade with prolonged exposure to the sunlight, so avoid doing so. To stop the growth of mold and mildew, make sure the blanket is clean and completely dry before storing it.

  • Apply waterproofing

The waterproofing on your horse’s blanket might come off with time. Apply a suitable waterproofing spray or wash-in product to preserve its water-resistant qualities. Apply as per the manufacturer’s guidelines and reapply as necessary, especially after washing the blanket.

  • Rotate blankets

Rotate your pony blanket as needed if you have many for various weather situations. In addition to lowering the possibility of mold and odor, this lets each blanket air out. Moreover, rotating blankets promote more uniform wear distribution.

  • Check leg straps and surcingles

These components are essential to maintaining the blanket’s secure position. If necessary, replace them after inspecting them for damage or fraying. To guarantee a tight but cozy fit, adjust the length.

  • Groom before blanketing

Keeping your horse clean before applying the blanket can help keep dirt and debris from becoming lodged beneath. By doing this, you lower the chance of skin discomfort while also maintaining the cleanliness of the blanket.

To stop little holes or tears in the blanket from getting bigger, it’s important to patch them up quickly. There are lots of blanket repair kits out now, which makes it simple to take care of little problems before they get worse.

  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Consistently adhere to the care and maintenance instructions supplied by the manufacturer. This includes further care advice, suggested cleaning supplies, and detailed washing instructions. Following these instructions guarantees that you are caring for your horse’s blanket in the best way.

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