They Say That You Have To Be A Little Crazy To Be A Soccer Goalkeeper

They Say That You Have To Be A Little Crazy To Be A Soccer Goalkeeper

We would certainly know that, because everyone that coaches at the ZEE Goalkeeper Academy, was once a professional goalkeeper! So, yes you are a little crazy, because you chose to be a Goalkeeper.

The Goalkeeper is a player that is separated from the rest of the team, he/she has specific training to the side and they attend Summer Goalkeeper Camps in order to stay on top of their goalkeeping skills. Sharpening your skill-set is fundamental in today’s soccer environment, you need to stay totally on top of your training and always one step ahead of anyone else that is just waiting to take your spot on the team!

Take it from me… I played professionally back in the 90’s and I can guarantee you that the competition is just as vicious as it was back then. You have to fight to keep that spot on the team and that is why Goalkeeper Training on a daily basis is vital!

A lot of clubs that have ECNL and MLSNext leagues usually have a solid goalkeeper program, while minor league clubs in most cases don’t. Then for you the goalkeeper there are two options: Change club and find something more competitive or simply go and find a Goalkeeper School or Academy near you. In most cases expect long drives to reach them as they are not that popular and there are very few Goalkeeper Schools that offer top-of-the-line Goalkeeper Training like our Goalkeeper Academy does.


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