MGI Zip Navigator, 11 Features That Make It The Coolest Golf Caddy Out There

MGI Zip Navigator, 11 Features That Make It The Coolest Golf Caddy Out There

If you have been playing golf for a while now, you must have come across one of those golfing enthusiasts who never hesitate to boast of their spectacular MGI Zip Navigator. Like a prized possession, this golfer friend of yours always comes to the course with their fully-loaded MGI golf caddy and often raves about its features.

The truth is that your golfer friend with an MGI electric golf caddy isn’t bluffing. This golf caddy that has been in the market for 20 years now is one of the best products in terms of its features, technology, and design.

If you’re deciding whether you should be buying an MGI Zip Navigator or another electric/ remote-controlled golf caddy, we say the former is hands-down the best buy. So read this article to learn which features of MGI Zip Navigator make it one of the greatest golf caddies of today!

What is MGI?

MGI, also known as Motorized Golf International, is an Australia-based brand that opened its doors in 1993. MGI Zip Navigator is one of its flagship products and is considered one of the most advanced and superior golf caddies among pro golfers. The golf caddy is available in both electric and remote-controlled variants, has an advanced lithium battery of the largest size, and is loved by golfers for its superior navigation technology.

A variant of MGI Zip Navigator

Features of MGI Zip Navigator

Here are the features of the MGI Zip Navigator that make it one of our favorite golf caddies.

Sturdy and Durable Frame

Structural integrity is one of the most important factors when buying a golf caddy. After all, it’s the carrier of your precious golf bag and accessories.MGI Zip Navigator is hailed for its sturdy and durable frame that gives you unmatched peace of mind.

Practical and Compact Design

While the frame of the MGI Zip Navigator is sturdy, it’s not bulky or old-style. Golfers who use MGI Zip Navigator are fond of the practical and compact design that allows them to conveniently carry it in the car or store it at home by fully folding it.

Great Battery Life

MGI Zip Navigator has the largest lithium battery of 24v 380Wh battery. This makes it one of the most long-lasting electric golf caddies on the course, with which you can play for up to 36 holes. So if you’re a golfing enthusiast who’s been out and about for long days, this is the golf caddy you should buy.

MGI Zip X1

Easy to Setup and Store

Setting up your MGI Zip Navigator is fairly simple, and anyone can do it. Moreover, the compact dissembling of the electric golf caddy makes it highly favorable for storage. Now place your foldable MGI Zip Navigator on a shelf securely and take it out at your convenience.

Superior Gyroscope Technology

MGI Zip Navigator has a patented gyroscope technology that makes sure that the golf caddy stays on the terrain no matter what the surface is like. So whether you’re climbing uphill or navigating down a slope, your golf caddy will smoothly maneuver and will never stumble due to irregular or rough terrain.

Multiple Speed Adjustments

This is one of the most favorite features of all golfers! In addition to staying straight on the track, MGI Zip Navigator also has ten-speed adjustment controls. So your electric golf caddy will never give you trouble pacing up as you can conveniently slow it down or accelerate it if required.

All-Direction Remote Control

Right, left, forward, backward, using a remote-controlled golf caddy can sometimes limit your navigational ability. But that’s not the case with MGI Zip Navigator, which has a multi-directional remote control feature. Now take your caddy wherever you want with ease.

Rear, Front, and Fourth Wheel

And this above-mentioned feature is possible due to the presence of the rear, front, and an additional fourth wheel. Most golf caddies have a three-wheel setup. But MGI Zip Navigator takes the navigation a notch further with its fourth-wheel and multi-wheel maneuvering.

MGI Zip Navigator remote control

Three Year Warranty

In most remote-controlled and electric golf caddies, a maximum of a two-year warranty is offered. But if you buy MGI Zip Navigator, the warranty you get is of three years. This makes it further lucrative for golfers who want to fully trust their investment.

Lightweight and Easy to Carry

Despite its sturdy structure, MGI Zip Navigator is extremely lightweight. This makes it ideal for carrying from your home to the car. And once on the course, you can quickly set it up for the golf caddy to follow you around hassle-free.

Spacious with Plenty of Accessories’ Support

Golf accessories are as important as golf caddies. And with MGI, you get the best of both worlds. MGI accessories such as scorecard holder, MGI cooler and storage bag, and bottle holder can be easily mounted on the golf caddy without giving you any trouble.

Why Choose MGI Zip Navigator?

If you’re still unsure why you should buy MGI Zip Navigator, then here are some more reasons to convince you.

  1. Trusted Manufacturer: MGI is a trusted name in the world of golf carts and accessories. So if you’re looking for a reliable maker, MGI is there for you.
  2. Multiple Variants: From push carts to electric and remote-controlled caddies, there are numerous types of MGI Zip Navigators available.
  3. Value for Money: MGI Zip Navigator price starts from $1,400 upward. Now save money on riding golf carts or hiring golf caddies to carry around your stuff.
  4. Fewer Risks and Hurdles: Due to its gyroscope technology and multiple-speed adjustments, you can enjoy a risk-free maneuver of your golf caddy.
  5. Latest Technology that’s Constantly Upgraded: MGI has constantly been upgrading its technology and features, thus making it a promising product for golf players

Play Like a Pro Golfer!

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