Indulge In The Sublimity Of Golfing In The Swiss Alps

Indulge In The Sublimity Of Golfing In The Swiss Alps

Golf has always been a sport known for its opulence and sobriety. Golf enthusiasts around the world dream of playing this game in places where the setting completes the essence of the sport. The Valais Alps in Switzerland offers exactly that. This majestic mountain range promises a golfing experience that combines the passion for the game with the beauty of the surroundings. Nestled among the loft peaks are golf courses and clubs that provide a challenge and an unforgettable experience in between nature’s glory. 

What Makes Golfing in the Swiss Alps Special?

In essence, it is unparalleled by any other experience. The different courses and clubs in the area, like, merge modern amenities with nature. It brings forward certain challenges which makes playing the sport even more interesting.

  • Tall Trees: The Swiss Alps region is covered with tall trees and greenery. In fact, being in a mountain range means that the courses are elevated. As a result, golf players often have to face uphill shots that test their skills in a new setting. 
  • Weather Changes: The mountain area is subject to quick weather changes. As a result, players need to be aware of how to play in these conditions and adopt different strategies. This prepares them for any course in the world. 
  • Year-Round Golfing: The changing climates across the different altitudes of the Swiss Alps ensure that the game can be played all year round. Clubs at lower altitudes open their courses from spring to autumn. Those in higher altitudes offer summer golfing, which offers the warmth of the sun without the heat. 
  • Community Building: The golf clubs in the Swiss Alps witness people from different communities come and share their passion for the game. Spending time in the clubhouse while enjoying the local and international cuisine and discussing the sport creates a sense of community. 


Golfing in Switzerland in the Alps offers an exciting combination of natural beauty, skill enhancement opportunities and a welcoming community. Whether you are a professional golfer or a casual enthusiast, the courses here provide adventure. The different courses have their own personality, and together, you will have an experience that will last much beyond the final putt. 


Mitchell A. Chandler

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